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  Company specializing in the production of all kinds of plastic、Rubber、Stamping、Forging、Casting mould and all kinds of measuring tool cutting tool、Special fixture、Special machine tools。The company in the hydraulic components、The design of the hydraulic system、Manufacturing also has a lot of experience,Especially good at all kinds of complicated、Precision、Super hard、Gao Ren shape of difficult-to-machine materials and rack, etc、Sprocket processing,The company also undertake a large number of airlines、Collaborative processing of aerospace parts。Companies in the repair of hydraulic truck crane also has a lot of experience,Completed a large number of domestic、Imported hydraulic crane overhaul。The company also manages all kinds of standard and non-standard measuring tool、Cutting tool、Electric、Hardware tools and grinding wheel、The diamond wholesale, etc、Retail。Welcome to contact me by the following way:The company address:While luzhou, sichuan province town of madder sichuan changjiang engineering crane co., LTD in the phone(Fax):0830-3581014(The office)0830-3585920(The business place)0830-3582305(Tool)Zip code:646006E-mail:cqgmj@hufengling.cn
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  Luzhou long up work mould manufacturing co., LTD is in the original sichuan changjiang crane factory mold factory and tools in a merger of luzhou long up mould company on the basis of re-equipped with independent legal person qualification of a limited liability company。Company existing staff78People,Senior engineer1People,Engineer7People,Senior technician1People,Technician7People,Economist1People,Primary title(Including advanced worker)19People,High level structure of product design staff to ensure the company、Development、Manufacturing、Sales、The efficiency and quality of service。Company's existing plant(Warehouse)Altogether6000Square meters,Equipment80Sets.the,The original value of fixed assets796Million yuan。Typical equipment:Precision CNC boring and milling machine imported from JapanEN4000A,Japan's imports of five-axis linkage edm molding machine computer controlA65RA,Domestic CNC milling machineKV800A,Coordinate boring machineT4163Two,Precision cylindrical grinding machineMM1431The second stage,Precision internal grinding machineMGD2110A,Optical curve grinding machineMD9030A,CNC wire cutting machineDK6740Three。Vertical latheC523、C512-1AEach one,Digital display boring machineTX611AA,Longmen?The bedB2010AA,Universal thread grinding machineY7520WA,Screw latheC868AA、Nc rotary table, etc。High performance、High precision equipment is enough to guarantee a variety of processing requirements。Since the 60 s,Company and its predecessor has been for sichuan changjiang crane factory and sichuan changjiang engineering crane co., LTD、The production of various plastics、Rubber、Stamping、Forging、Casting mould and all kinds of measuring tool cutting tool、Special fixture、Special machine tools。The company in the hydraulic components...
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